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JUNE 10, 2020

The Role of Innovative Cloud Technologies in Business Growth

Cloud technologies offer an avenue for businesses to manage computing resources in a much efficient manner. While the term "cloud computing" has evolved over the years, it is typically used to describe a third party computing and storage resource used by a business. The Cloud in cloud technologies is actually the internet and that is where information is stored. This information can only be accessed via an internet connection. Cloud computing enables businesses to virtually access their information, thereby creating a global and flexible means to access their data at any time.

Before delving into how cloud technologies have influenced the growth of businesses, we must first briefly discuss the types of cloud technologies available.
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Collaboration and Work Practice Flexibility

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS, in this sense, means renting or purchasing digital storage space or computing power from a third-party service provider. This form of cloud computing provides access through the internet or via a private network. It is the responsibility of the service provider to maintain the physical hardware of a computer system: memory, network connectivity, CPU processing, and data storage.
There have been numerous benefits that businesses have profited from thanks to cloud computing and other cloud-related technologies. For one, businesses are able to set up virtual offices which give them the flexibility of being available anywhere and at any time. This benefit is also spurred by the fact that the number of internet-enabled electronics in the business world is growing. This translates to data being even more accessible. When it comes to business growth, cloud technologies help to:
The scalability factor enables businesses to scale up resources rapidly to suit the current operational situation, thereby enabling flexibility determined by the current need. Instead of having to purchase and install expensive upgrades inhouse, the cloud technologies service provider does this. This frees up more time and resources to operate the business.
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Author: Jeff Wallner

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